We are an English language teaching and Community Arts organisation, based in Thanet, East Kent
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"What I have always admired about BTP is the “beyond” … it intertwines English language education inextricably with what actually makes settlement and indeed citizenship possible. These are the things that matter: friendship, laughter, enjoyment, action, togetherness."
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Dr James Simpson
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About Our Work

BTP was founded in 2015 by Sheila Macdonald. The practice was established and co-created with Jodi Watson. Our aims from the outset have been to:

  • Engage and support women born outside the UK to develop speaking confidence in English and become active citizens
  • Work with partner organisations to develop and improve services for minority ethnic families
  • Build a positive, active multicultural and multilingual local community.

Our key delivery is the “United Mothers” project which runs community ESOL groups. “ESOL” means English for Speakers of Other Languages.
There are almost 300 United Mothers members in Thanet and others who live elsewhere. We welcome all women, local and those born abroad, to come and learn together, make friends and explore services and opportunities. We have worked in schools, community centres and a refuge for those who have been trafficked or are victims of modern-day slavery.

BTP has pioneered a unique approach to language learning and social integration: we combine ESOL with a Natural Voice approach and community arts to provide safe, fun and creative spaces for women to learn and thrive together.

To find out more about our background, please visit ABOUT US and the GALLERY AND LIBRARY pages.

Free ESOL for Women

A key principle of our work is to reduce the barriers which many women face when wanting to learn English and make social connections.
These include the financial cost, restrictive timetables and immigration rules of most mainstream programmes. Women need flexible provision which allows them to manage family responsibilities and/ or work whilst learning.

We offer women-only learning spaces. This is important for those who have experienced violence, trafficking or other ill-treatment. Others prefer single-sex learning for cultural or religious reasons. Male friends, allies and visitors are important to us, and opportunities to work, volunteer and support us can be found on the JOIN US page.

For information about our current programmes, please visit our WHAT WE DO page.

Community Events

We believe that it is vital for all women to be seen and be safe in our public spaces. Migrant women in particular face challenges of racism and other discrimination. We bring our work into festivals and gatherings, working with our partners to create inter-generational and inter-cultural events of joy, learning and friendship:

2022  Lantern Parade with Thanet PoW

2021 Know Your Place: screening and online discussion of our work with Thanet PoW

2019 The Fancy Jamboree with Sing Your Socks Off community choir; Seaside Singers for those living with dementia and their carers; Annie Nichols, Libby Northedge

2019 Take Flight! with Thanet PoW, Annie Nichols community artist and chef and Libby Northedge drama practitioner

2018 Hands Up! Speak Up! with Thanet Power of Women Festival

To view some of these events, please visit the GALLERY AND LIBRARY page.
"United Mothers was my first step. It was like a window. And then I could see all the other things were possible."
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UM member, Moroccan
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